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karangan bebas tentang keluarga


Hi dear friends ... ..
I want to share a holiday story this week ah ...
Having to input from teman2 dimilis, the same discussion beloved husband,
finally we decided to invite Kevin jalan2 to Taman Safari Puncak.
Wake up after dawn prayers, we were all getting ready to go as well as bring in the same house
helper / partner at home too Sister. 6:30 Departure from Bintaro.
Morning walk like this awful yet plasticity deh breakdown.
Until near the new Safari Park at 7.30 while according to Parks informationSafari
New open at 8 am ... yes we ride for a minute wis breakfast at the TopPass.

Wis jan ... deh ... misty cold air in the morning benar2 make missI was relieved
with European air, let cool I bela2 in deh sit outside and tasteI really enjoy
while inhaling air sepuas2nya Peak. Abis yg kayak gini guns injakarta yg
hot and full of pollution. His orders macam2, me and my son's chicken porridge.
Top it really deh chicken porridge, yellow berkuah awful his plus vat cayreally taste
krenyes2 and red sauces taste so fresh spicy tamarind deh.
Husband's fried rice was delicious too, although enaknya guns amazing really.
Nah tuh yg Mie rebusnya awful, I'm a bit but could cicipinMie confirmed its mantaps .. hehe ..

Initially I would like a reply original fresh milk, but it turns out there are guns, sothe only dairy Ultra
which is heated, so yes I message chocolate milk. Praise can have breakfast dehmorning peak
dg cold refreshing, bring home fried bananas with powdered sugar spice dg ygtops it.
Breakfast just enough, after that we headed Safari Park.
Walah our car and the queue is quite long, really long time so stop ya, apparentlylearned from police patrol
that there is closure for 1 hour for us who will go to the Safari Park.
Be quite an hour the car we use for sleeping together,Logo pagi2
we're up so bad we had more energy at rest until10 am.
Along toward the Safari Park are so many people selling fresh carrots andbanana.

Arriving at the Safari Park, my son woke up immediately teriak2 see allkinds of animals
All we can see and touch us from the car. Unfortunately we bought guns carrotsfor eating
animal we might encounter when it deh ... .. surely regret it very exciting forchild could love
carrots reply directly to binatang2 benign and not harmful.

Started thanks to Zebra, elephant, man Utan, bird anoa, elephants, orangutans,tiger, tiger,
Well many deh, deh all quite complete. Tiger is also quite friendly,our origins
Could only see from a car window glass, and glass should not go down wellshould not be lowered.
Because of the danger we have witnessed at close range once dg dg Tiger or Tiger.
It was nice we as Parents can directly talk to the child,about animals
what it is, although there are children who speak a lot of my reply, about howanimal habit
it, eat right, it was malignant or benign animals ... etc. etc.

We finished around meamakai car, we are looking for parking and directwalk
look straight from the playground near the animal imaginable, ranging frombirds, until jenguk
our ancestors .... hehe The most exciting memories that do not forgotten iswhen photographed
with Tiger and Orang Utan. Can be touched directly, can nguyel2kidding, without
fear of being bitten and hit the ceiling ...
There are guns hell .. who knows how can tame the beast so diapain tuh hell?
Imagine aja deh dream guns could hug a wild animal like Tiger replybody is also very big.
Not to mention his Orang Utan tuh lucuuuu really, just like reading an email replyThis hehehe ..
Understand so if you want to be photographed her hands curled into our neck spoiledbangeet.
I'm sorry if macannya injected aja tuh what, but it does dijagainsame handler.
My son wrote delighted stroked Tiger and Orang Utan without fear.
Moreover, helpers and nurses can be really proud of my photographs, I tell you latermy photos
exaggerated, do not forget to send to the village, it can be subdued exclamation tuh Tigersto want to cuddle
with a variety of styles hehe ...
So do not forget if to the Safari Park for a photo with the animal sempatkanthese,
do not be afraid of animals are tame. A bit expensive if you ask difotoin hellsame photographer
instant, so, it will cost Rp 20,000, - once a snap, but a good one.

After that we headed out of the arena park where elephants gather,place
Rain forest near great restaurants and souvenir sales front, there is a set ofelephants in action and
we can take pictures together with elephant ride. Anak2 definitely loves dehelephant voice heard
who crowded and playing with his trunk. Unfortunately only for pictures,elephant less didandanin
yg beautiful, it felt just improvise .. not like an elephant in Thailand hehe ...
After that see a variety of souvenirs from the Safari Park, ranging from dolls,mugs, t shirts, VCD animals,
Cutlery etc, prices start at 50,000 and above an deh ...

Satisfied for 2 hours an, at first we deh go home because Kevin still had to eatdaylight again.
That we had wanted to come in Mirasari, since the rain so we dehcontinued until the
jakarta for lunch in PIM 2 ... hehe to the Mall here we go ...

Well anyway we are all satisfied and happy to get to Taman Safari Puncak, a distinguishedI think
now this place is better yes, animals have increased, moremaintained,
clean enough, his lack mudah2an they are able to evaluations.
Since cook does the managers guns so clever because the advice of thevisitors.
So I just want to see a positive course, because my knowledge whenI
never went to Taman Safari in South Africa, guns lost a good one.
Only in South Africa they have a special package for the interestingtourists.
I can ride the open truck deh fun adventure in the early morning, the areamuch larger
very broad, animals and so much more sufficient magnitudeexhausting and eat
time many still continue to have the game ... if we can find 5animal
is considered an elder of the animals, we will be able to gift $ 1,000 U.S., if 3we only
to $ 100 U.S., so we summon teriak2, we must be silent even withoutnoisy,
if we meet again sleeping animal. Because tigers can aja tuhwe pounce,
serem2 fun ... and indeed there has been created where therein such a way
such as the area of ​​the animal, such as his hotel dg shades of forest, gardensmany deer
or other live animals ....

So thumbs up Safari Park may deh, perhaps more complete thanRagunan animal garden.
There's Baby Zoo, Bird Aviary more than 10,000 birds, restaurant Rain Forest,it's just me
have not had time to look at the lives of Koboy and Indian tribes who she said laWild Wild West
first show in Indonesia, using a special effect andHitech spectacular.
Due to rain deh yah miss hehe ... next time ya time .. hehe
There would also cobain tuh Caravan or Safari Park or other facilities Outbondhis or Camping,

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